While the history of our facility may extend beyond that of Aydın Çavuş, the extraordinary beauty of this hill is largely due to his dedicated efforts.

Aydın Çavuş (Aydın Aydınöz), born in 1896 in Rumelia, spent the majority of his life in a state of constant struggle. In his youth, he joined the resistance for his homeland, Bosnia, and later played a critical role in Konya’s reforestation efforts.

A twist of fate led him to serve Konya for 44 years, even though he had originally stopped there briefly to visit a friend while traveling from Adana to Istanbul. Despite the dominance of the arid landscape, he dedicated significant effort to greening Konya, especially this hill. In his own words, ‘Every tree, every flower felt like a child,’ and he believed that "no effort was too small for the former Seljuk capital". His legacy in every corner of Konya still stand tall today. Notably, he contributed two great achievements: the lush greenery of Alaaddin Hill and Meram Aydın Sergeant Hill. Even when experts claimed that trees couldn’t thrive in these areas, he remained undeterred, tirelessly planting and watering trees by hand, transforming the region into a verdant paradise. In an astonishing display of dedication, he covered 18 kilometres each day in pursuit of this goal. The foundation of the Aydın Çavuş facility, which now serves our city and guests, is rooted in his unwavering effort, determination, and commitment – much like today…

We remember him with love, appreciation, and we hope that our fellow people will make the most of our facility on the best of days.

Aydın Çavuş With Photographs


"Aydın Çavuş's life, as narrated

by his son Prof. Dr. Ayhan Azzem Aydınöz:

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We have inherited this legacy from Aydın Çavuş,

and with its special story and flavors, we serve it in a manner befitting city of Meram.